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Bridging the Language Gap to Empower Hispanic Business Leaders

★★★★★“The weekly format is like turning on a giant magnet to PULL people in, rather than using old school sales tactics to push, push, push…”

Mixing Spanish and English, Hispanic Business Radio will provide the most exciting, informative and relevant mix of information to the Hispanic business community, through fully integrated programming that embraces broadcast radio, an online community, podcasts and social media.

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Tapping into the Booming Hispanic Market through Integrated Media and Engaging Content

Hispanic Business Radio is using the power of radio and the web combined with great content to offer direct access to a significant and underserved consumer market as the Latino population explodes across the United States, the fast-growing community of Hispanic small-business owners and business professionals represents an increasing opportunity to market professional and personal products and services.

Our vision is always the same: you’re never more than one video, one interview, one keynote or one published report away from reaching your destination and, most importantly, one click away from submitting a question or response about any topic or segment you want us to discuss on the air.

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Sonia Marie De Leon de Vega

Sonia Marie De Leon de Vega

What a great pleasure it was to interview Sonia Marie yesterday, one of the first female orchestra conductors in the world.  Among many accolades Sonia became the first woman in history…

Occupy Wall Street, where to next?

Occupy Wall Street, where to next?

Months after being kicked out of their encampments, organizers of several movements are calling for a “Spring offenisve” to take place globally. While it appears that it’s died down, police…

Stretch Your Dollars in Latin America

Stretch Your Dollars in Latin America

One alternative to the U.S. as a place to live, do business, retire or invest might have seemed like insanity just months ago…but given the whirlwind of current economic fluctuations…

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