Sonia Marie De Leon de Vega

What a great pleasure it was to interview Sonia Marie yesterday, one of the first female orchestra conductors in the world.  Among many accolades Sonia became the first woman in history to receive a Vatican invitation to conduct a symphony orchestra at a Papal Mass by Catholic Pope Benedict XVI. She currently conducts Santa Cecilia Orchestra […]

Occupy Wall Street, where to next?

black and white UNK UNK street sign

Months after being kicked out of their encampments, organizers of several movements are calling for a “Spring offenisve” to take place globally. While it appears that it’s died down, police arrest 73 or more protestors in Zuccati Park. The occupy movement helped launch Occupy Our Homes, a group that assists citizens at risk of losing […]

Stretch Your Dollars in Latin America

green and white road sign

One alternative to the U.S. as a place to live, do business, retire or invest might have seemed like insanity just months ago…but given the whirlwind of current economic fluctuations that are driving us to become hardcore depression boomers, it might make sense to look south, very south, to get more “bang for your buck.” […]